Three Powerful Tools To Defy The Aging Process

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Published: 08.07.2020

Growing older is a beautiful thing. Each year is another one full of memories and unforgettable experiences. As you grow older you gain more wisdom and confidence. With age, you have the opportunity to truly find yourself and become more comfortable and content with who you are.

But there is a tipping point, isn’t there?

A point where society seems to start to tell you, no. No, you are no longer valid. No, you are no longer competent, beautiful, and powerful. Now you’re just a sweet—possibly senile—and, maybe even grumpy “old person”.

Chances are you’re a long way off from being at that point, but the shift in the way people treat you and interact with you often happens a lot sooner than you are prepared for. Long before you feel it, you may be considered old by societal standards.

Aging is an inevitable part of life, and isn’t an inherently bad thing. The problem is, society pushes the ideology that youth equals beauty, that your best years are the ones before your first wrinkle arrives. 

The lie that beauty is reserved for the young has become like a cancer in our society, and has created an incredibly toxic environment. An environment which has many young women starting to panic when their twenty-fourth birthday arrives.

 Society tells you that after the age of twenty-five you should either start taking drastic measures to fight the aging process, or give up and stop trying to be beautiful. Accept that you are old and will no longer have the right to be considered (or feel) beautiful. 

Hell, nowadays, if a model is older than twenty-five, she’s considered “geriatric”. And, when someone is attractive in their forties or fifties, rather than commenting on her innate beauty, people will say she looks good for her “age”.

Just when you should be thriving and at your peak of confidence and empowerment, it is seemingly ripped away from you, and you are left with a diminished sense of self-worth.

We call B.S.

The truth is, you deserve to feel and be considered absolutely beautiful at every age. You deserve to bask in the confidence that your years on this planet have given you. You deserve to stand proud and embrace your unique beauty, regardless of what society tries to tell you.

Great, but how do you do that?

You can, and probably should, rebel against societal norms, but the fact of the matter is, if you’re not truly feeling confident when you look at yourself in the mirror, that rebellion may be a losing battle.

To be a true rebel, you have to feel confident in your cause. You have to truly own your beauty, but you shouldn’t have to delude yourself to do so. Perhaps the goal should be to defy the traditional parameters of aging. Why not make your age a source of pride by developing an empowering mindset, while kicking gravity to the curb and aging phenomenally well?

So where do you start?

Changing skin is often one of the first external indicators of aging. After the age of twenty, you start to lose one percent of collagen a year. When you compound that with external factors like stress, poor sleep, bad diet, and excess UV exposure, the aging process will likely start to show up on your skin faster than you would like. 

Though your skin will inevitably change over time, the good news is there are some proven ways to slow down that process. Here are three simple things you can do to prevent premature aging and embrace your own unique beauty at every single age.

ONE: Cellular Skincare

Taking care of your skin on the surface is a no brainer. Whether you just wash the pollution and make-up off your skin at the end of each day, or practice a ten-step skincare routine, you’re on the right track. But, there is something you’re likely missing… Everything going on inside shows up on the outside.

 So, if your collagen and elastin proteins are degrading, no amount of topical vitamin C is going to change that. By taking effective doses of science-backed ingredients on a daily basis, you can actively replenish aging cells and maintain strong collagen production. Put simply, you can keep your wrinkles at bay and your skin tight and supple.

TWO: Upgrade your Mindcare

Stress and lack of sleep are some of the absolute worst things for your skin. Stress causes inflammation, which attacks your dermis and can weaken the strength of your skin cells, which may lead to dull, dehydrated skin. 

Poor sleep on the other hand, is even worse. A consistent lack of healthy sleep is one of the leading causes of collagen loss. It also negatively affects your immune system, which causes dehydration, puffiness, and inflammation. Not to mention, poor sleep also wreaks havoc on your mental wellbeing, which leads to more stress and anxiety, which shows up on your skin, which further impacts your mental wellness; and thus a vicious cycle is born.

 The first step to keeping stress and lack of sleep at bay is to make sure you’re keeping your mental hygiene in check by incorporating mindful practices into your daily routines. Meditation, journaling, and creating sacred nighttime routinesthat will promote quality sleep are great places to start. If you want to dig deeper, check out our line up of tools and challenges to develop a healthy daily practice that suits you. 

Additionally, plant-based supplements that help increase serotonin like ULTIMATE PM , and promote a healthy stress response like ULTIMATE AM, can also be a great help.

THREE: Wear Sunscreen

Now that you’ve got your insides covered with cellular skincare and solid daily routines to support your mental hygiene, it’s time to make sure you’re tackling the outside (aka your epidermis). Vitamin D is incredibly important for your overall health and wellbeing, and the best source of it comes from exposure to the sun. The key is balance and proper protection because UV damage is a very real and dangerous side effect of too much sun exposure.

UV rays create damaging molecules called free radicals, which are known to degrade your skin cells and deplete collagen production. Using an effective mineral based sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection prior to going out in the sun is the first and best thing you can do to prevent those free radicals. 

Second, taking supplements with ingredients that may aid in repairing UV damage will amplify your protection. ULTIMATE AM contains one such ingredient called Polypodium Leucotomos extract. This Amazonian fern has demonstrated UV protective effects that help repair oxidative damage to the skin caused by sunlight exposure and supports healthy cellular regeneration and radiance.

In addition to these three things, make sure to eat a colorful, healthy diet that makes you feel good, avoid excess sugar, alcohol, and tobacco, surround yourself with amazing people, and finally, be kind to yourself because this is your life. You deserve to be proud of your innate beauty, relish in your confidence, and embrace your potential because you’ve got this.

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