The Truth About Letting Go and How To Do It

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Fun fact; before I ventured onto my journey as a beauty and wellness entrepreneur, I was an actress. This experience spurred a lot of my drive towards creating better products and a better platform to empower others to step into their own greatness and embrace their own unique beauty. But, it also taught me something else that I want to cover in today's post.

Today, I’m talking about a concept that seems to be thrown around without an instruction manual. A concept that means well in theory, but in practice, seems to baffle.

I’m talking about "letting go".
When I was acting, I was told to 'let go' no less than one million times - in relation to my craft, in relation to a role I was playing or wanted, in relation to my emotions surrounding my appearance or other actors who were thriving, in relation to pretty much everything.

Though, as many times as I was told to do that, I couldn’t seem to actually do it. I couldn’t let go.

I would visualize myself physically letting go of something. I would do bodywork and breath work. I would meditate, I would run, I would use affirmations, I would journal. I would do every last thing I could think of.

But still, I held on.

It would drive me crazy. Why couldn’t I just figure it out? Why couldn’t I just perform the simple task of letting go, so I could be happy and successful? If I could just let go, all of my problems would be solved and I would finally start succeeding. I would finally be happy and everything would fall into place.

I never quite figured out how to effectively let go while I was in that chapter of my life. Instead, I followed my passion down a new path, which brought STUNN to life and brought you here.

In this new chapter, I felt a lot more grounded. I felt more confident, energized, and, well, happy. Though the concept of 'letting go' still lingered in the wings, I was better at avoiding it.

I felt like I didn’t need to let go anymore. I was content and inspired, I didn’t need (or want…) to throw myself back into that tumultuous pursuit of letting go.

Until I had to.

Inevitably, the time came when I found myself unable to avoid the dreaded pursuit of letting go, and I was forced to face it head on. This time around, it was my anxiety that I needed to let go of.

So I recommitted to the pursuit, and dove in head first. I’ll spare you the details, and get straight to the good part.

What I learned was that the key to letting go isn’t so much about the tools you use (though the tools are important) as it is about the intentions you set.

Back when I was acting, my intention wasn’t about finding the freedom, confidence or peace that letting go brings. I was too attached to the very specific outcome of succeeding as an actress to realize that that intention was driving me to do the opposite of let go. So, instead, I held on tighter.

What I came to discover was that letting go isn’t about finding a shortcut to manifesting your dreams. It's about consciously giving yourself permission to step into inner peace, balance, and freedom, so that you can enjoy and appreciate your journey towards realizing your dreams.

The truth is, the first part of letting go is allowing yourself to align with stillness and peace.

To be okay with being in the moment, unattached to any future outcomes. To connect with your breath and release all the sticky, clingy thoughts and fears taking up space in your mind.

The second part is giving yourself permission to let your guard down.

To put a little faith in yourself, knowing that you are strong enough to handle whatever life throws at you. To trust in your own instincts and brilliance, and that no matter how your path unfolds, you will be okay.

Granted, neither of those things are easy, but knowing them is a place to start. From there, reflect on your intentions and give yourself some grace. 

Through this I’ve been able to manage my stress and anxiety. And, while it’s a daily commitment, it's absolutely worth it. I am able to support myself mentally, and trust that no matter the outcome, I will be okay. 

As they say, nothing worth having comes easy, and while that is more than likely true, you do have the power to let go. You have the power to detach from perceived or desired outcomes, and trust that you have what it takes to align yourself with a beautiful path forward.

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