How To Raise Your Vibes And Glow From The Inside Out

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Published: 12.08.2021


This time of year especially, energy is something that can feel like an illusive beast. With fatigue lingering at the edges of every moment of your waking life and tugging at your eyelids like the sandman, the desire for energy can become almost animalistic.

The holidays, as great as they are, can be the most draining time of the year. Endless to do, grocery, and Christmas shopping lists, parties to host and to attend, and loose ends to tie up at work before the end of the year – it can be A LOT, to say the least.

But this energy zapping time of the year not only affects your physical energy, it takes a toll on your vibrational energy – aka your inner glow – which can also ransack your mood.

It can become quite the mess.

The good news is there are a few simple and empowering rituals you can mix into your daily routines to boost your energy, inside and out.

Three tips to elevate your vibes and your glow:


Morning Routine: Dance Party

If you caught my chat with Emily Pearl for STUNN’s Wellness Leader Series on IG, you would remember that this is Emily’s go-to morning ritual for boosting her physical and mental energy every morning.

It’s as simple as it sounds, and can take as long or as short as you like. If you’re an extrovert, feel free to blast music out loud, or if you’re more of a private soul, you can play it through your ear buds and have your dance party in your room alone.

All you need to do is choose a song that makes you feel great and just let yourself go – dance, twirl, jump, shimmy, twerk; whatever floats your boat. You can even sing along if you like – the added benefit of that is it helps warm up your vocal cords for the day.

Mid-day liferaft: I Am Glow Mantras

Don’t let the word ‘glow’ throw you off. You can use ‘I am mantras’ in any way you like. They can boost your confidence, your mood, and of course, your energy.

When you feel your energy and mood plummeting, excuse yourself to a private room with a mirror – a bathroom works great – and repeat your own glow mantra three times, or until you feel your energy shift.

Here are some examples of I am Glow Mantras you can use:

I am a badass!

I am radiant AF!

I am full of vibrant energy

One caveat is that whatever mantra you choose should feel true to you. If you say something that really feels false it won’t have the same power as something that feels more attainable.

Nighttime Routine: Glow Visualizations

Elevating energy at night may sound counterintuitive, but spending a bit of time each night focused on raising your vibrations will impact both your energy and your mood in the morning.

I have a Step into Your Glow Visualization Meditation series you can listen to if you’re new to visualization meditations or you prefer guided visualizations (there are 6 guided visualizations that you can listen to at your own pace).

If you prefer something a bit quicker, the following are some basic tips to get you started:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down (yes you can do this in bed).
  2. Visualize a bright light filling you up from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head.
  3. Allow yourself to soak in the positive energy of this light for as long as feels right.
  4. Then, once you’re ready, let it go and carry on with your nighttime routine or go to sleep.

This visualization can last as long as you like, and you can feel free to add in some glow mantras to amplify the benefit.

A woman with great skin in a shadowed room

Your energy is sacred and you deserve to glow, no matter the time of the year. So, feel free to make these rituals permanent fixtures in your daily routines.

And remember, life happens and there will always be things that come up and kibosh your energy, so be patient with yourself and if you need a bit of extra support, incorporate Ultimate AM into your morning routine for a sustainable energy and inner glow boost.

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