How To Find Happiness And Boost Your Mood

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Published: 09.29.2021

For a lot of people autumn can be a hard transition, whether it be from the cooler weather, the shorter days, or the subconscious reminder that all things come to an end – fall can take a toll on your mood.

The good news is, just because the temperature is plummeting doesn’t mean your mood has to as well.

This is where happiness anchors come in.

A happiness anchor is the one thing in your life that makes you unshakeably grateful.

Maybe it’s the sunrise, or a certain family member, or pet, or morning ritual, or even a photograph – whatever it is that makes you inexplicably happy – that is your anchor.

How you use it is simple; either physically look at your anchor or a photo of it, then quietly allow the feelings of genuine happiness and joy that your anchor brings to fill you up.

Remain in that state until you feel full.

If your anchor isn’t bringing you joy or loses its power, simply choose another anchor.

Side note: it’s completely normal for your anchors to ebb and flow, so release any expectations or guilt that may arise when that happens.

You can use your happiness anchor as a life-raft when something shakes you up or brings you down. You can also incorporate your happiness anchor into your morning or nighttime routine to keep the positive vibes consistent.

Mood is one of your six pillars of optimal wellness, and when it is elevated it positively impacts all aspects of your wellbeing – when you’re happy you feel more confident, clear-headed, and energized.

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